How to Bring your Chinese Fiancee to USA, K1 Visa Your Chinese Fiancee needs permission from the US government to allow her or him to enter the USA. This is called a K1 Fiancee visa. First we submit a thick application packet, to demonstrate that
you are eligible to apply, and that your true agenda is a genuine life together, not immigration fraud. The US consulate in Guangzhou will conduct the interview, and their standards for what is expected of a “bona fide” couple are higher then what is expected at US consulates in other countries.
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The application itself looks pretty simple. It asks for “name, rank
serial number”. This often leads to overconfidence. Couples who
really don’t understand what all will happen, fill in the blanks
themselves, submit the petition and usually end up shooting themselves in the foot.

This typically results in the leading cause of denial, failure to
convince the consular officer who interviews your fiance
that your relationship is genuine, is “bona fide”.

Sadly, US immigration has had bad experience in the past, with
this type of “romance” visa. Many who were not eligible applied
for fiance visa’s. In reality they were not seeking a marriage
partner but only seeking admission to the USA. Gold diggers,
gigolos, con-men even terrorists have used fiance visas as
back door into the USA. Normally in USA one is “innocent until
proven guilty”. Because of the bad apples who have abused
fiance visas before you, now immigration takes the attitude
“guilty until proven innocent”

This is how a lot of couples get in trouble. They
sadly end up shocked at what happens at the interview.

Because they are “IN LOVE”, they assumed no special effort to prove
their situation was needed.

They assumed the consular officer would instantly approve.

So, they filled in the forms themselves, filing in basic
“Name, rank and serial number” or they hired a cheap online
form filling service.

Those cheap “bare bones” applications, are usually enough to get
one’s “foot in the door”. It’s usually enough to get your fiancee
sitting opposite a consular officer for the interview.

Sadly, just having your “chance at bat”, chance to interview,
is Not enough win approval. It is not enough to demonstrate your
application is “bona fide”.

Now the consular officer, must dig, ask a lot of questions, and
it can easily deteriorate into what feels like an interrogation
until he feels he has enough feeling about the case
to make a yes or no decision.

If he is short of time, or impatient or close minded or in
a bad mood, or if your Fiance is not fast and fluent enough
to provide convincing answers, the simpler course for the officer,
the safer course that does not risk his career or professional
reputation is to deny.

My signature philosophy at VisaCoach is we get achieve success by
“doing the consular officers job for him”.

What that means is that, well, a consular officer starts with certain
expectation of what an eligible couple looks like. If we show
him proof that the couple’s situation matches his expectations,
then we move the case towards approval.

So when I work with a couple, I first discuss with them what they
have been doing, then I explain what the consulate they will
be interviewed at expects. Then I suggest what actions the couple
should take, to do “the right thing”.

For example the consulate in Guangzhou, has some fairly
high expectations. In general couples, who are able to speak directly to each other without a translator,
who have met more often than just during a single trip,
who did not get engaged quickly or prior to their face in-person meeting, have a higher chance of success than other couples.

Doing the right thing however is not good enough.

Next we need to DOCUMENT that the right thing was done.
I teach my clients ways to create evidences that show what happened.
And I review them to pick and choose the most relevant and effective ones.

But having evidences that the right thing was done still isn’t good enough.

Last, we have got to make sure the officer sees the evidences.

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