There are a more than a few challenges associated with being in a Canadian/American relationship. USA visas, lifestyle, long distance relationship issues… the whole 9 yards. Today I share the truth behind why I am always traveling, in a story-time style video.


Thanks for watching! Love you the most. ❤


– Robyn Kimberly

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8 Replies to “MY USA VISA…”

  1. The Dennis Family

    Hi nice to know u’ve been staying in costa rica 🙂 we’ve been here for more than a year now crossing the boarder every 3 months. Don’t worry and always be positive traveling is the best u have that others can’t do. Cheers!

    • Robyn Kimberly

      Love it! Costa Rica is the best. Have you been to Nosara yet? We stayed for 1.5 months there we loved it so much. 🙂 Always appreciative of my travel lifestyle!! Just wanted to share the good and the bad, gotta be honest 😀 thanks for commenting! ❤

  2. Jontus

    Hi Robyn ! I kind of know the feeling aboat the “no home” thing . I had three “homes” in three different countries for allmost seven years (becouse of work) , and after some time it really sucks . Stay strong girl , everything will be allright !! No panties !!!

    • Robyn Kimberly

      Hey! Thanks so much for your comment – yeah it defs gets a little bit taxing after a while despite how awesome it is to get to live all over the place! Good to know someone gets where I’m coming from 🙂

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