Retirement Destination San Juan, Puerto Rico — USA Citizens Don’t Need Visa

San Juan is a a federal territory of the United States which makes this place an attractive destination for US retirees and expats. The advantages are it is so close to the US, you don’t need to deal with retirement visas, there is tropical weather, beautiful scenery, beaches and cities. If you have never visited Puerto Rico you should consider it. Everyone also speaks very good English and the place is pretty laid back, no hassles.

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16 Replies to “Retirement Destination San Juan, Puerto Rico — USA Citizens Don’t Need Visa”


    Charlie good video but 12$ burrito ….is 12 beers in Pattaya 7/11 why you don’t go to nord est of Brasil like Fortaleza or Natal there are hostels cheep food beach and girls or Argentina

    • Cheap Charlie Chronicles

      It’s expensive to fly there from the US. I’d only go there if I was planning on staying for a month or two.

  2. Ron Shell

    Puerto Rico’s economy has been in decline for a decade & prices have skyrocketed.. People there are migrating to the US in droves.. Take a look online ?

    • Cheap Charlie Chronicles

      Most of the people on my channel don’t want to move to a place to look for a job, they digital nomads, long stay tourists or retirees who are looking for places with a high quality of life.

  3. Temistocles Pimentel

    Hola charly lamento no poderte ver aqui x tu paso por la republica gustan tus videos muy interesantes y uno aprende conocer partes q no conocia..bendiciones amigo..!!

  4. Bali

    Nice one as usual. Boring fellow Vlogger question: How do you set up your mic for background noise and such great quality commentary? Assuming it’s a rode pro? Is it pointing at you or forwards? Nice mix of sound 🙂 Waz

    • Cheap Charlie Chronicles

      Also I just talk normally while filming and the GH5 mic picks it up just fine without any kind of external mic.

    • Cheap Charlie Chronicles

      The first 20 seconds was a voice over with a little bit of background noise, the rest was just the internal audio of the GH5 without using a mic, although I do own two mics, didn’t bring them on this trip.

  5. Adolfo Irizarry

    Hi Charlie welcome to My island .. Enjoi The Beachs ,Rivers and Food ..Rice and Bens Every where in the Island ??☝?

  6. King Homer

    Ya still gotta pay island prices for a lot of shit. Much rather do someplace else in Latin America or Asia as a retirement spot.

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