san francisco road trip to napa & yosemite on a budget | vlog

After finishing up work in San Francisco, James flew over from London so we could explore the Napa Valley and Yosemite National Park together! But did we manage to do it on a budget?

Turkish Airlines (good airline – just don’t sit with 20 kids…) – World Business Class Hotel (nice hotel, but remember, it’s at the airport and not in the city kidssss) –
Virgin Atlantic –
Virgin upgrades explained –
Cityscape Lounge –
Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar –
Axiom Hotel –
Sixt Car Hire – (see COSTS below for more info!) –
Car Insurance – MoneyMaxim –
Bounty Hunter –
Love Home Swap –
LHS Video 1 –
LHS Video 2 –
Napa River Velo –
Napa Valley Vine Trail –
Domaine Chandon –
Andretti Winery –
Oxbow Public Market –
Yosemite National Park –
Tunnel View –
Yosemite Falls –
Sentinel Bridge –
Mirror Lake –
Spinway Nor Cal Bike Hire –
Napa General Store –

Sixt Car Hire – we paid £120 for the car for 3 days. We could have got it a lot cheaper but James likes a somewhat decent car to drive so we selected a ‘premium’ model. What is important to note is that Sixt is NOT at the car rental area of the airport. You have to get the air train (free train service) to that place, and THEN a free shuttle to Sixt. Super annoying.

Love Home Swap – James and I have paid £180 for our Love Home Swap membership for 2 years now. In our first year, we stayed 6 nights with it at some totally unreal places so for what works out at £30 a night, we absolutely LOVE IT. We stayed 4 nights in this place in Napa so even if we weren’t to stay elsewhere for the rest of the year (unlikely), this would have cost us just £45 a night. So. Still a total BARGAIN!

Andretti Winery – We were too busy chatting to the guy on the bar to film but we just got one glass of wine each at this place for $15 each. However, the couple next to us were sharing the $30 sharing menu so that’s a fun way to try everything but keep down costs!

Petrol – is super cheap in the US compared to the UK! Driving from San Francisco, and then all the way to Yosemite and back, we spent around $80 on fuel.

Bike hire. If you’re lazy like us, hire the bikes from the car park which means your 5 hours will work out cheaper. If you’re active AF and want to go from 10am – 7pm, hire from Napa River Velo for the best bang for your buck!!
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Vlogging Camera – It’s all iPhone 7 Plus bbz:
Z1-Smooth-C Gimbal:

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12 Replies to “san francisco road trip to napa & yosemite on a budget | vlog”

  1. One Shot Adventures

    Really enjoyed this! The pacing is really good and means it’s always entertaining – 20 minutes flew by! Wow Napa seems so expensive… I love Yosemite, but also had the same experience as you and saw no water in the falls or mirror lake. Still an amazing place though

  2. Cheers to Travels

    love yosemite and napa! both are beautiful! never been a big fan of their wines though. thanks for sharing! ~sara ct

  3. Dreamy Travel Story

    Love travel on a budget, it makes the experience more intense, more real. Less like a tourist and more like a traveler! Beautiful places guys, great video!

  4. G3 Travels

    I was just in Napa last weekend.. It’s not hard to over do it though! Lol! Never been to Yosemite but it looks beautiful! Looks like you had a great time! c/t

  5. HotMamaTravel

    I haven’t been to Napa in years. I remember the whole city smelling of wine. So delicious. That plate of olives looked super yummy. Yeah Napa is quiet a ways from Yosemite. Sorry it so long, but at least you got to see some iconic sites. That sucks about your purse though!! c/t

  6. Radiant Wanderings

    Haha, ALWAYS need headphones on flights ;p Drinking and biking can be dangerous I guess ;p Which airline was your upgrade on??? Oh my goodness, that lady in the wedding dress on the ledge :O No, no, no! Waterfall fail. What a long day!!! Oh noooooo! Not your camera and purse. Thanks for bringing us along. c/t

  7. Sarah Cowan

    Went to Yosemite in September a few years ago and the falls and lake were dry then too 😂 Scenery is still gorgeous. We stayed overnight in a tent in one of the villages but could have stayed longer, there’s just so much to do there. We rented bikes to get around and hiked the Misty Mountain Trail. No bears but saw plenty of deer, raccoons and chickarees (giant chipmunk squirrel things). I just buzzed off the little things like the camp shop and talking to the rangers. We even came across the valley’s old graveyard. Basically was living my Red Dead Redemption fantasy 😆

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