Top 5 Things to do in Yosemite National Park 2018 – Easy Hikes

Yosemite valley is one of my most favorite places ever. This vlog is also special because this was the first time i was vlogging.

The video is all about a beginner’s guide for exploring Yosemite Valley in just 36 hours. We saw the Yosemite Falls, Bridal veil falls, the Happy Mist Trail, the Mirror Lake and did the Yosemite Tram tour. We stayed in the Half Dome village, and the rustic tent accommodation just added to the overall experience.

Did you know there are a lot of bears in Yosemite? Unfortunately we found none 🙁 If you like this video, give it a like, leave a comment and subscribe to join the community!

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20 Replies to “Top 5 Things to do in Yosemite National Park 2018 – Easy Hikes”

  1. Sweta'sBeautyVanity

    The place is so beautiful. Kind of my dream place ☺️and that waterfall is damn attractive.such a nice vlog . And I liked the background music also . Big ?

  2. The InSane Wanderer

    What beautiful views yaar!! I will surely go to this place someday ? And doesnt look like its your first vlog ??

    • FrooGal Fun

      Views here were majestic wherever u looked ? I think I have managed to salvage the damage of this being my first vlog with the editing .but other…super shaky videos and all ?

  3. Shubhodeep Datta

    This place looks so grand. Jaunga mai yaha. Sahi mein I could feel that phone does no justice. Also, you desperately need a gimbal for more stable videos when you walk.

    • FrooGal Fun

      I agree on gimbal..thinking of getting one soon…but this was first time vlogging..had no clue what I was doing ? This place is super super soooooper grand ?

  4. Chandni Dave

    This was your first time travel vlogging? You did it so nicely. Aisa laga he nahi ki first time tha. Also, Yosemite is such a gorgeous place. The waterfall was just wow and everything about this place was amazing. Loved the video. ???

    • FrooGal Fun

      The beauty of this place just cannot be described in words. But yeah it was my first time vlogging…as apparent from the shaky footages ?? But yeah some editing art made it look a bit decent ?

  5. Akhil Mittal

    Yosemite was awesome. Though it was hazy due to the fire but still the sights were breathtaking. Wish we could have seen some ? as well!

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