What to do in Yosemite as a tourist?
We’ve done it all (not really) and went to the places the beautiful National Park has to offer aside from it’s stunning nature, hikes and overpriced campgrounds.
Here’s where we went; we started off with the Yosemite Visitor Center where they had a little exhibition on the origins of the park, the Native Americans who lived there and the tourism that developed in the valley. Then we visited the Yosemite Library, where we were able to get WiFi to find a hostel for me. After that we went to see the rebuilt of the “Indian Village” and the Native American Museum next to it. The museum was very nice and informative, especially for me having no idea about the history and culture of Native Americans. Lastly we went for the most touristy thing: the tourist shop.
A quick stop at the Yosemite Falls followed and then I did the last touristy thing for the day; taking photos of Helf Dome during sunset on Sentinel Bridge.
But honestly, it was great fun doing all of those things!

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The Oregon Road is a vlog style travel documentation series.
What started out as a 2-woman 1-month road trip from California to Oregon became an adventure to never forget. The plan was to drive from San Francisco into Nevada, Idaho, end the trip in Portland and see beautiful destinations like Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Mt. Hood and many more on the way. But after the first 2 weeks of sticking to the plan, the trip took a drastic turn… Come along my journey where I see beautiful places, meet amazing people and live the adventurous life! – Lenja

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