WHERE DO YOU STAY IN YOSEMITE?!? | Housekeeping Camp | Yosemite National Park Part 1

You can find camping all the way to luxury hotels smack in the middle of one of the greatest National Parks in the world, Yosemite. Today, we’ll take you through some of the accommodations available to you when you plan your next trip to the valley including Housekeeping Camp, The Yosemite Lodge, and the former Ahwahnee.

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4 Replies to “WHERE DO YOU STAY IN YOSEMITE?!? | Housekeeping Camp | Yosemite National Park Part 1”

  1. TheMrsRomio83

    No comments?!? What a fun video to watch. You get why one must do Housekeeping Camp, river side. The hotel like The Awahnee is the Grand California Hotel at the Disneyland resort.
    Question: did your unit not have an open side? The fence opening looked small. We haven’t been in two years. In 2017 we did the Yosemite Lodge because Housekeeping was closed.
    Told people I went to housekeeping camp. They thought it was to teach me how to keep a house.

    • Fractured Compass Productions

      TheMrsRomio83 that’s a great tip! And good to know! It was only about 1/4 booked when we went so that’s useful for next year! Again, thank you for stopping by our channel- consider subscribing to catch all our adventures and new content!

    • TheMrsRomio83

      +Fractured Compass Productions That’s good to know. next time, hopefully the fall before it closes, we’ll be back.
      I learned this too late: you can go check out the unit they have for you (when it isn’t booked up) and change it for free IF you don’t go through the whole process of registration. If you do and don’t like the unit for whatever reason, you pay a fee. Lesson learned. I want an open side to the river.
      Thanks again!

    • Fractured Compass Productions

      TheMrsRomio83 Thank you for stopping by! Our unit had tiny openings in the fences- Housekeeping is really the best place to stay in the valley.

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