Yosemite | USA Road Trip Part 5 | Adventures With Rosy


Short video of our few days in Yosemite National Park, what an incredible majestic place! Wish we had longer (Guess we may have to visit again ?)

Next Stop: Vegas

Part 1 – Planning: https://youtu.be/_AiPOoH3wTY
Part 2 – Los Angeles: https://youtu.be/N_ilBpYB-T8
Part 3 – Big Sur: https://youtu.be/xJMm0RHJ2z0
Part 4 – San Francisco: https://youtu.be/BpZihlJwiqU
Part 5 – Yosemite: https://youtu.be/W-m9kugnC-s

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Join Chelsea, Bronson and their son Harvey as they travel around NZ in their Motorhome “Rosy”.




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10 Replies to “Yosemite | USA Road Trip Part 5 | Adventures With Rosy”

  1. Adventures With Rosy

    Thanks for stopping by! Here is the next part of the USA Road Trip! We spent a day in the beautiful Yosemite! ??⛰

    Next stop: Vegas (I know, don’t judge us! ?)

  2. Troy Walton

    Have u seen (bus life) is selling there bus you guys should upgrade to there bus Harvey would love the bunks went he get older

  3. Pete R

    You know what I am going to say- loved the aerial views! Makes me wonder, there must be AT LEAST one set of falls in every state named ‘Bridal Veil Falls’. I know Georgia and North Carolina both do. Loved it and am jealous, I still need to make it out to Yosemite.

    • Adventures With Rosy

      Yeh it was pretty spectacular! That’s a funny one about Bridal Veil as we have some here in NZ named the same!

  4. Bryant Ford

    Very entertaining. How did that “wheelcam” video turn out? ?
    At first I thought “How many cameras does he have?!?” Then I realized you were just messing with us. Your son will have hours of these adventures to watch later when he’s old enough. My dad has a few slides in a box somewhere of our travels that I’ll probably never see.

    • Adventures With Rosy

      Haha didn’t try the wheel cam.. the footage would have probably made us all dizzy. You are right about Harvey looking back on it.. I always wonder what he will think of it all when he is older.

  5. abdullah alruwaili

    ماء شاء الله ، كل شي رائع وتغطية كاملة في الكاميرات .
    شكرا لك مقطع مميز ✔

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